Top Arena Team Reveals Little Known Trick in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

If you are asking the question of who the best healer is, then you are not one of the top players of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. This is because in order to compete against the top arena team, you need to think outside the box.

One of the tricks top teams use it using crystal hacks that can get them unlimited shards and energy. Although cheat codes are also popular, they are less reliable than straight up generation of in-game resources. By stacking the resources like mad on top of the best Dark Side Team they can assemble, they can decimate any Light Team like the frauds Han Solo is.

Crystal Glitch is another popular method that was recently uncovered in 2017. This little bug is a top secret that will turn your team the wealthiest of all galaxies in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. You can also use cracked APK, which are loaded with free resource generator but this can be very unreliable due to the game being frequently updated. When the connection is lost to the game, you can also use the Admiral Ackbar to spam his special abilities to win the raid instantly.

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