Parental Advisory for SmallWorlds

SmallWorlds is a virtual environment created by Outsmart 1996 Ltd. The company started in Auckland, New Zealand. The game can be played using web browsers and it can be linked to SoundCloud, Flickr, and YouTube.

The game started way back June 2008 and was officially released in December 2008. The game has been targeted towards teens. By October 2009, it gained the top prize in Adobe MAX Awards 2009 in the Social Computing category.

SmallWorlds players have 7 skill paths to choose from, namely artist, arena, explorer, crafting, gamer, farming, and social. Each has a level you could work your way in. Level up by playing missions or interacting with items. Use widgets as many as you want. With all the 7 skill paths, there is a primary level determined from such skill paths.

Gold is a pretty big deal in this game and there are many ways to earn them. In-game, you are required to do surveys and watch video ads for gold. With recent release of SmallWorlds Gold Generator in 2016 however, getting free gold is easy.

The World of SmallWorlds Opening Up

SmallWorlds is said to be a virtual world of possibilities. Collect thousands of items and show them off to the other players. You may also adopt a pet and play with it. For the creative ones, you may decorate, sculpt, paint, plant, and craft different items you wish. You may also chat, play games, and hang out with other people playing SmallWorlds around the world. Have great adventures with almost 25 million citizens. Worried about your style? There are a lot of ways to dress-up and customize your get up.

XP or experience points are earned by doing things and playing in SmallWorld. Skills XPs earned adds to the Primary XP. Keep in mind that a high XP means more access to items and missions. Be sure to level up and earn tokens, titles, and items fast. For each skill, there are different ways to earn XPs. For example, earn explorer skill XP by using the kiosk. Earn artist skill XP by doing artist missions. For the gamer skill XPs, they may be obtained by playing Chinese checkers. Earn social skill XPs by using the hacks and cheats for SmallWorlds. For arena skill XP, play Magma Core Competitive. For the farmer skills XP, you may grow and cross-pollinate plants. Lastly, for the crafter skills XP, simply craft items.

SmallWorlds is targeted towards players 13 years old and older. Children under the age of 13 would not be allowed to register in SmallWorlds. Thinking about creating an account with false information? Don’t think about doing so as it is a clear violation of their terms. Even creating an account on behalf of someone under 13 years old is not allowed. If in case the staff suspects that someone younger than 13 is playing the game, the player would be required to submit a legal identification where his or her age would be proven. Once the player cannot provide anything, he or she would not be allowed to play the game as their account would have a “banned” status.

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