Top Arena Team Reveals Little Known Trick in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

If you are asking the question of who the best healer is, then you are not one of the top players of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. This is because in order to compete against the top arena team, you need to think outside the box. One of the tricks top teams use it using […]

Parental Advisory for SmallWorlds

SmallWorlds is a virtual environment created by Outsmart 1996 Ltd. The company started in Auckland, New Zealand. The game can be played using web browsers and it can be linked to SoundCloud, Flickr, and YouTube. The game started way back June 2008 and was officially released in December 2008. The game has been targeted towards […]

New Generation of Thailand’s Muslim Youth

Among the religious minorities in Thailand are the Muslims which has the largest population. They are mostly found at Satun, Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat. They were here as early as the 13th century when Arab traders went by the Malay Peninsula.┬áThis is the reason why most Muslim Thais have Malaysian descent. 99 percent of the […]

The History of Islam in Southern Thailand

Islam is the second largest religion in Thailand only next to Buddhism, and as such, Islam is the biggest minority religion in the country. There are two groups that compose that the Muslim community in Thailand. These two are the native Muslims and the naturalized or settled Muslims coming from various ethnic backgrounds. The native […]